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Testimonials Testimonials-Success

I just finished watching my morning success Wisie and it occurred to me that I am looking forward to it each morning so much that without it, I believe my morning ritual would not feel complete.  It takes a significant effort to avoid getting sucked into fixing everyday's insignificant challenges, and ultimately keep a steady eye on the bigger goals.  My morning Wisie sets a frame for me to stay conscience of the goal and remain in a state of response, rather than reaction. Thanks for offering this service!

Joseph L. Duke IV

President, Center Stage, Inc.

Kennesaw, GA

Your "Create Peace Wisie was an excellent video and script. I would love to run this one on repeat...repeat while getting ready to face/interact with the world each day. Thanks for the wonderful WISIES! and the service you are providing!!

Deanna Hohnhorst

Atlanta, GA

I am very glad for your wonderful inspirational messages. I started listening to your radio talk a couple of months ago, and it has really changed my life. I was wondering how I was going to make it in life, and your tremendious messages have made me a new person. In fact, when I become a medical doctor one day, all my testimonies will  be about you. God bless you in whatever you do in life.

Stephen Akosah Testimonials-General

I'm joining the standing ovation for Wisies. Everything that has been attested to, I affirm. I have no idea why I am so blessed, all I do is ask God to help me with a specific matter... and he brought me Wisies. When I opened it for the first time, that Wisie, that day spoke directly to me about the challenge I was facing. Thank God for Wisies and the people responsible for it.

Doug Tally

Small Business Owner, Real Estate Broker

Chicago, IL

The Wisie material is beautiful. The photography is stunning and goes so well with the message.

Joseph Polansky

Editor, Diamond Fire Magazine

I love the Wisie videos. The messages are awesome and are so beautifully produced.

Mary Simpson

I am thoroughly enjoying the Wisie site.  I am an early riser and typically jump right into the "urgent task of the day".  Wisie has changed that.  I try to listen to them first thing every day.  The four or five minute investment is well worth it.  I listen to all three categories.   It is remarkable the way they create a sense of calm and help me put things into perspective.  Bob and Marilyn's voices are perfect for this program.  Everything about the Wisies blends well together - the voices, music, pictures, and text to create the sense of calm that I experience.  Mark Twain once said "If I had more time I would have written you a shorter letter."  I am amazed how effective the Wisies are in getting their message across in about a minute.  I can't imagine how much time it takes to create and blend the text, pictures, and music.  Please keep it up.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn and reflect.

Tom Berger

President, RDK Consulting

Cumming, GA

Thanks so much for your website. How many times I have found solutions to daily issues and problems--well, almost every time I read my Wisie. You are the best. Keep up the great work.

David Hansen

Dr. (PhD)

Houston, TX

My daily Wisies are an oasis in an otherwise busy and hectic life. When I open them, I step inside a meditative and healing space where my heart and soul are nourished and I am reminded of timeless wisdoms and truths. What a wonderful way to anchor my day!

Vivien Kooper

I am really enjoying the daily Wisies as they are high level messages that are kindly delivered. Some are touching my present  and my past. These messages are important. They can touch everyone's life, whether building great character, giving positive direction, or fixing current problems. This is valuable for all ages.

Janet Kanowsky Testimonials-Relationships

I especially enjoyed today's relationship Wisie! They are so wonderfully done--how do you do that, by the way? The way the images enhance the text is so great!

Vivien Kooper Testimonials-Kids

Thank you,!!!  ... for creating such a wonderful experience for my daughter, Makayla. She loves the WisieKidsPlace and is learning all about Dreams and Goals, and that makes Mommy very happy. Hi to Uncle Wisie from Makayla!!

Kacy Thomas


Acworth, GA

Most mornings I bring the family laptop to the breakfast table and launch the Daily Wisie to watch with my kids. When the Wisie starts with its distinctive ringing noise, all heads turn to watch the Wisie. I watch them as they view the video, and I can see seeds of wisdom being planted in their little minds. Sometimes we talk about it, and some times I just let it sink in. Because they are brief, the Wisies definitely hold their attention.

Jorge Andrade

President, Andrade's Cleanup

Roswell, GA

Bob Lancer Testimonials - Success

"You stated invaluable wisdom in a brilliant way. It has been my honor to be with you."

Stephen Covey

World-renowned expert and speaker on Leadership

Best selling author of the classic: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

"Your powerful words for success are pearls of wisdom that we all need to hear."

Jack Canfield

World Renowned Motivational Speaker

Co-Creator of the classic: Chicken Soup For The Soul series

"You eloquently articulated the path that leads to a more successful and meaningful life."

Deepak Chopra

Best Selling Author of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

“Thank you thank you thank you… the words this week from my clients about your presentation include: inspirational, remarkable, I was touched to tears several times, optimistic, energetic, passionate, encouraging, insightful, wish it had been longer, Mr. Lancer is fabulous!”

Majie Burgoyne

Affiliated Mental Health Services

 “Your sincerity touches hearts and inspires us to give our best effort to parenting, which is something we really need.”

Cindy Beckler

Producer, CNN’s Parenting Today Show

Bob Lancer Testimonials - Relationships

"You so clearly described the wisdom of self-mastery for improved relationships and goal achievement."

Dr. Wayne Dyer

The "father of motivation"

Best Selling Author of Inspiration, Your Ultimate Calling

“Bob Lancer inspires and equips us to be the loving, successful parents, spouses and people we all want to be. He shares a wealth of wisdom everyone can benefit from hearing again and again. His work transformed my home and the homes of my patients, including those with children facing terminal illness.”

Dr. Eduardo Montana, Jr.

Pediatric Cardiologist of Egleston Children’s Heart Hospital

"I'm a relationship coach... and I have not seen much material out there that has the depth that yours has. Thank you for enriching my life and giving me hope!"

L. Wilson

"You taught me more about overcoming depression in one presentation than I have learned in the last 10 years."

M. Wilkerson


"I thought I was trapped in a terrible marriage until I realized in your wonderful marriage seminar that I was just trapped in a terrible mindset that had been keeping me lonely since childhood! Thank you and bless you for the powerful work that you do. You are helping children so much by helping their parents get themselves together."

A. Davis

Bob Lancer Testimonials – Children/Parenting

Re: Positive Child Behavior Management & Professional Development for Childcare Professionals and Teachers: "I can not thank you enough for the trainings last week. I have heard nothing but FANTASTIC complements all the way around!  You were so inspiring not only for the teachers but for myself and my coworkers."

L. J. Martin

Knowledge Learning Corporation

"....(We) attended your "Defiant Child" class on Saturday and were absolutely changed. My son stated on the way home how your class had already changed his life. I see... changes in him I thought I would never see. Thank you for using the gifts God has given you to help so many of us."

C. Gaskins

“It’s like we’ve got our lives back. Last night the children were in bed by 8 and we looked at each other and didn’t know what to do.”

D. Alson

"Your advice makes you realize that we are the problem, and not the children. We get stressed out and lose our temper easily. I will definitely pay more attention to how I react and talk to the children, and so will my husband."

S. Hensley

“Bob, the methods you taught my husband have accomplished all that you promised and more! I now look forward to spending time with Elizabeth (3 years old); she is really a wonderful child. Her bedtime used to be the worst. She would leave her room 10 times a night and there would be screaming and hitting going on. Now, she is in bed and does not leave even once, and it happens effortlessly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

S. Johnston

"Congratulations for your show every Sunday on 98.5 FM. It inspires me a lot"

J. Addleson

Father of 3

"I have read and followed Bob's book, Parenting with Love, with wonderful success.  I have a beautiful daughter now who knows she is loved."

M. Parris

Marilyn Cramer Testimonials

Marilyn derives her inspiration for writing from the experiences she has had as a well known practitioner in the healing arts. She has worked with clients from all over the world. You can view her testimonials at

Marilyn Cramer

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