Vol. 1 – Issue 1
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Focus On How You Use Your Power
No matter how far or near your greatest goals seem to be, The more power that you direct into work aimed at reaching a goal, the more quickly you achieve it.
The more power you waste in activity not directly related to your goal's attainment, the longer you
have to wait for that goal.
Everything you say, think, feel and do expends a measure of your power.
How much of your power do you waste in worrying or complaining about what others are doing to hinder, or not doing to help you?
Or about any other obstacle or challenge you face along the way?To make the swiftest progress toward what you most want in your life,
focus on what you are doing with your power in the present.
The more efficiently you use your power relative to the accomplishment of your most important goals, the sooner they'll be yours.
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The powers of the human mind are vaster than many human beings seem to realize. Thinking about what success means to you manifests success for you.
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Treat Yourself Well
Resentment toward another person leaves you in a weakened state. Forgiveness sets you free to have healthy relationships with others and yourself, and you are no longer the victim.
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Help Your Self To Help... For Success
Making the most of your time requires making the best possible decision in the present moment
regarding what to do or to focus on now. You cannot make the best decision possible while
feeling pressed for time; you are then most prone to jumping to hasty conclusions and making
choices using poor reasoning, based on superficial observation.
Motivational Quotes Convey Success Secrets
This may not be the answer you are looking for, but there is no way to argue without ruining your
marriage... to some degree. Once you begin relating with your mate as your adversary instead of
as your ally, you undermine the trust, causing distancing, defensiveness, and either
passive-aggressive or aggressive retaliation.
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