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Our Chief Wisie Wisdom Author and Speaker, Bob Lancer, is a seasoned motivational speaker and seminar leader, with over 25 years of experience uplifting schools, businesses, associations, places of worship and other organizations around the world.

Bob Lancer's uniquely empowering wisdom brings extraordinary results in personal and professional development, parenting, marriage and child behavior management for teachers and childcare professionals.

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How Bob Lancer can help you

  • Set the positive tone for your next conference or meeting through a Wisie Wisdom Keynote on Success, Relationships, or Child Behavior and Development,
  • Support the moral, teamwork, productivity or communication for your school, business or other organization through a Wisie Wisdom Seminar or Coaching Session.
  • Offer your youth group an inspiring Wisie Wisdom For Young People Power Talk

For more information about these programs, please fill out the form on this page.


The focal points of Wisie Wisdom Live programs include:

  • How To Make Your Greatest Dreams Come True.
  • How To Delightfully Deal With Difficult People.
  • How To Network Your Way To The Top.
  • Time Mastery: Go Beyond Time Management To Use Your Time With Creative Genius.
  • Embrace Change and Master Stress.
  • Parents Take Charge, With Loving Wisdom.
  • Married Life-Support: For Living, Learning and Growing in Love.
  • Teambuilding For Greatness.
  • Tap The Power and Passion of Total Inspiration.
  • Teaching For The Stars: How to motivate and lead your students to fulfill their glorious potential.

For more information, you can either:

1)     Call Bob Lancer directly: 800 518 9760 ext. 1014  or

2)     Fill out the form on this page.