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I just finished watching my morning success Wisie and it occurred to me that I am looking forward to it each morning so much that without it, I believe my morning ritual would not feel complete. It takes a significant effort to avoid getting sucked into fixing everyday's insignificant challenges, and ultimately keep a steady eye on the bigger goals. My morning Wisie sets a frame for me to stay conscience of the goal and remain in a state of response, rather than reaction.
- Joseph Duke,
President, Center Stage, Inc
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About Us
Company Background and Purpose
Management Team
Company Background and Purpose

Wisie, Inc. is all about your success and personal development. And if you are a parent, it is also about your child's life-long success through the pursuit and fulfillment of his or her glorious potential.

While Wisie, Inc. is the "brainchild" of its founder and Editor in Chief, Tom Cramer, it is really the "brain-GRANDchild" of his dear and departed mentor, best friend, and father, Walter Cramer.

As a schoolteacher for many years, Tom's dad saw the crucial unmet need that children have for more than a mere academic education. He recognized that kids need real life-wisdom, the wisdom of how to grow into one's full potential, how to succeed in ways that contribute to the world, how to create healthy interpersonal relationships based on mutual respect and good-will.

Wisie, Inc. is the response to his father's wish that Tom find a way to meet this need. It is our purpose to provide all children and adults access to the most empowering timeless and universal wisdom of success, healthy relationships and personal development in an up-to-date, leading-edge format that meets the needs of today's world: hence, our choice of this Internet vehicle for delivery.

Our mission is to guide and inspire children and adults to not just believe in the wisdom of self-empowerment, fulfillment, success, love, peace, prosperity, health, happiness, and the passion of purpose – but to live it.

Our products and services support the fulfillment of the human potential from early childhood through the adult years. We hope that Wisie, Inc will be a life-long educational and inspirational supporter in every child's life, and in yours.

In order to achieve this ideal, prior to launching the business, we invested over 35,000 man hours in research and development and the materialization of our 4 web sites:

Our Dream:

Our Dream is to release in ALL adults, and in children, the Power to Dream great Dreams, and the Wisdom to make those Dreams come true.


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Management Team
Tom Cramer
Founder and Editor in Chief

Tom Cramer is Founder and Editor in Chief of Wisie, Inc with vast experience in entrepreneurship, business leadership coaching, and building successful business startups.

In 2009, Tom founded, the first-of-its-kind website for delivering daily wisdom through 90-second videos that reach the inbox of subscribed members every week.

It was Tom's first step towards fulfilling what his father, Walter Cramer, had inspired him to do … and that is – use his entrepreneurial skills to reach out to the millions of people and bring to them the “art of living” – the wisdom and importance of integrity, fairness, patience, responsibility, respect, friendship, love and relationships. has now built up a power-packed group of specifically positioned sister websites that deliver daily inspiration, motivation, guidance, advice and wisdom for self improvement on the three key areas of human life – success, relationships and children.